Monday, 30 July 2012

Monday Taboo

Obviously i really dunno why this picture should be in my entry. Maybe it's just to describe the "taboo"

Assalamualaikum and Morning, my dear fellows.  It seemed like having a long sleep ----> "sleeping beauty" *wink*wink* oopps sorry i'm not that beauty, so i need to change it with beast.. lol and today i've just woke up. Why i choose today to back into blogging? Is there any surprise or a big event to be held? Okay.. stop using your brain too much as the myth says the brain has tendency to be melt when it is overheating as you over thinking, woww! seriously?? Okay the truth is, I lied. 

Back to the point, have you ever heard on the term *Monday Taboo* not 'Tebuuu' okay but 'Taboo'. Tebu is just a type of fruit to be extracted for juice and sell at Night Market or Bazaar Ramadhan for Iftar. Haha. I am  sure some of us are really familiar with this term. It reflects people's negative behaviors when Monday comes such as laziness, being late to the office, moody,  not energized, lack of motivation and low productivity because it is the first day of week for work and school. Truthfully this is a bad mindset.

So, as I want to rebuild a paradigm, I just need to overcome the negativeness inside me. Thus, i've started the new me in a day that people usually called it 'Taboo'. This as a symbol that I'm ready to change my 'old folks' thoughts. Monday is no more a bad sign for me but it would be a day that i should remember to put a gear and speed up for a maximum thrust. Are you ready for maximum thrust kids?!! *Everybody say Ayyai please!* Yeah no need to shout but its okay if everyone can hear you. lol

I just found a very nice and inspirational quote on one of my blogger's friends profile. I wish to share it with all of you, so everyone could be as determine, brave, independent and  optimist as her. Nurul

Life is like a book. Everyday has a new page with new adventures to tell, lessons to learn and tales of good deeds to remember. I appreciate every moment in my life as I may never be able to experience it again. So, be yourself. Have a great episode every day of your life ^_^.

 Dun forget to leave some comments here, Insya'Allah i will track you back soon. :)

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Nurlyla said...

agree with quote.. be optimized..

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