Saturday, 3 December 2011

Brave enough to lose your bf/gf???

I’m not encouraging you to break up with your gf okay~ :p 
Inquire to know what this post is all about??
 Feel free to read below. J

Girls are most affected when losing their partners?? Haha. True? 
I don't think so, because nowadays boys are also be affected too ;p

Today the post title is slight controversial right? Hmm, but this is the reality, people are too afraid to lose their bf / gf... Why huh? When we are in love, every piece of moments we have gone through with our partners is such fantastic. Sometimes, we are recklessly neglect the possibilities might be happened on the relationship we have built. We have no power to make the relationship stays longevity and maybe it's just raining in the middle of day ? Though I’m single, if I have a girlfriend.. I'm also afraid to lose her and to face off the segregation. But.. This is a legit risk of a relationship.

So how about you pal? Are you brave enough? Haha. Each human has limitation to predict the future and only Allah the Almighty knows. Nowadays, people put too much hope on their untied relationships (couple). So when they break up, most of them will become detested, regretful, frustrated which tend to do crazy acts such as taking a prompt decision to end of their life?! What the fish huh?! Why people are in love are such fools? Love can come and go. That’s its fate! So why should we end up our life or do anything could ruin our life though there are still other loves in this universe, and remember that Allah is the One who loves His slave.  So, there are some simple suggestions and opinions that seem crucial to be shared with couples those are hot in love. J

 When in a relationship
·  Never put more than 50% of love towards our bf or gf
·  Protect your dignity, don’t do ‘things’ that are beyond limit of couple.
· Sincere and let he/she know our true selves. Try accommodate to what he/she likes or don’ts
·  Do the “Sunat Istikharah Prayer” to get a clue from Allah wether he/she is the best for us.
·  If we really hope that he/she to be our future husband or wife, do the “Sunat Hajat Prayer” to beg for Allah permission.
·  Tawakkal on what we have done, if he or she was not to be our life partner. Please believe that Allah has decided a better person to us.
·  Think positively but never give too much hope on the relationship. So that, when we are facing the break up, we will not be shocked and too much affected by the lost.

If broke up?
·   Don’t blame each other if the relationship did not succeed
·   Do a self-reflection, why the relationship does not achieve the target 
· Always holds tight on the Allah’s firman: "Women impure for men impure, and men
 impure for women impure, women are good for good men and good men for good women." 
(An-Nur ': 26)

* Maybe we are just not good enough for him or her. So let us change okay! J

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cik Kartun said...

nice entry juga..
kita d temukan dengan seseorang dengan khndak-Nya..kita d pisahkan juga kerana-Nya..
ape yg berlaku ade hikmah :)

Iffah Afeefah said...

doctor love hehehe

fadh leyanie said...

wah..mmg betul pun entri ni.boleh jadi pakar motivasi.kata orang cinta tu segalannya.kalau dah cinta semua indah belaka.Cinta pada pencipta sebenarnya yang kekal.

r-5 said...

Cik Kartun: ye sangat betol tu.. kita tidak boleh melawan takdir Ilahi.. :)

Iffah Afeefah: hahaha bukanlah! huyyooo nama kita samalah.. ngeee~ name gue afif..

r-5 said...

fadh leyanie: haaa, huhu nice! kamu faham tentang entry ni. banyak orang putus cinta lalu merosakkan hidup sendiri. adui. nasib saya tak sampai tahap begitu. saya menulis pon atas pengalaman diri sendiri jugak.. ngee~ :). blom layak jadik pakar motivasi, pakar air liur basi adalah.. kikikki

eLLa said...

makaseh.. :)

Sam Bredariol said...

nice entry.. pape pun kita berserah jer dgn kehendak Ilahi..

Mialia said...

i'm fully agree with u.. love this entry... hehe

r-5 said...

sam bredariol: betul tu tuhan lebih mengetahui apa yang lebih baik untuk kita. :)

Mialia: thaks mia.. wink*wink ;)

Mialia said...

aaah, i can't love ur entry more.. hehe

r-5 said...

Mialia: haha it's okay if u can't love my entry, but it's better to love the writer. hahaha

shaerin said...

saya sangat takowd ! thats the fact .
walaupun he always said ,
"if Allah tarik nyawa i , i nak u kuat tok terima hakikat itu ."
hehe .

p/s : nice entry !

r-5 said...

Shaerin: Your boyfie such a nice guy, because he knows that nothing is much powerful than Allah judgement. That's u must always be strong if someday he wouldn't be by ur side anymore. :)

gadisnikon said...

speechless... entri awk sentiasa terbaik.. :)

r-5 said...

Gadisnikon: huhu awak ni.. terima kasih.. bukanlah terbaik.. mesti ada lagi bagus.. awak pun apa kurangnya juga.. ;) ini sekadar pandangan dari hati kecil ini sahaja.. ;)

Ḏαᾔṧα said...

Such a very nice entry. Kite dipertemukan dengan seseorang, kerana Allah sygkan kita. Kita juga saling merindu, kerana Allah sayangkan kita dan mahu kita ingat untuk merinduiNya. Alhamdulillah dalam setiap perkara, Allah sentiasa sygkn kita. :)

r-5 said...

Dansa: Alhamdulillah bro~ tuhan memang sentiasa sayangkan kita namun kita je yang selalu alpa mengingatinya.. dan kadang kala membuat sesuatu yang tidak mencerminkan kita menyayangi diri kita.. :'(

Alieza Dayasari said...

mau lawan badminton... main2 boleh lah.. saya n the geng selalu main kat bangsar.. damansara.. pantai dalam...
tp majority lelaki lah...
saya n kawan saya seorang jer pompuan..

shahani... said...

n3 yg best...tq2...

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