Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Poems: Pearl Eyes

This poem was a memory of mine when I felt in love with a girl a long time ago. I scratched this poem on a piece of paper on one night because I couldn't sleep because of thinking of her. The Poems  entitled "Pearls Eyes" because her name in arabic means 'Eyes' in English and I described her a 'Pearl' means that she was such valuable in my life. Now, all had just been a memory because I was too coward to convey my heart towards her and afraid of being rejected. And she never read this poem. So sad kan?

Pearl Eyes

My heart keeps seeing you though my eyes close tight,
My brain keeps dreaming you though I’m awake,
Your shining smile distract my numb day,
Drop in my mind day by day,

I want to see you chirpy,
I want you to always be happy,
Because it makes me double breezy,

Your stunning eyes,
Like sparkling pearls!
Each stare catch my eyes,
My cautious couldn’t let you away even for once,
As you’ve becomes a part of my souls,

It can’t be broken,
And surely couldn’t be lessen,
It stays stronger incessantly,
Grows unconsciously
Till my life ends,
But the fate in Your hands.

Pelakar bisikan hati,

Sorry membe wa busy siket, mana yang singgah tu.. 
Tinggalkan tapak kaki lu olang (komen ke follow ke? haha) 
Nanti gua free je Insya'Allah gua akan balas terjah, follow and komen blog lu sampai lebam.. ;) 

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CekbOlat-bOlat said...

alolo.. skandalku ^^

Aini ernie said...

o.O jiwang :P

akuamir said...

ouh,, poems..
nice to meet you.. :)

Ayu Na said...

woow..tak tahan poem dia.. kalau the gurl tau, mungkin leh fall in love kot.. :p

∫êℳå ℋiℳå₩åℛï said...

alolooo sweetnya siap bg poem 2...

Original CikTeddy said...

apsal x ckp awl2 eh?kemmana la gugurl tu skrg ek?neway,nice poem!

Iffah Afeefah said...

tak sngka tuanku seorang y puitis


kalaulah gadis tu tau

Alieza Dayasari said...

kagum.. sbb anda bukan saja pandai berkarya dlm BM malahan BI...

fadh leyanie said...

puitis betul si afif ni.tak pe..nanti aku suruh ain baca.ko jangan sedih2 erk..

Anonymous said...

hebt r,

Nursyahira S said...

what a nice poem :) eh , I bet that girl was named ain or maybe ainun ? haha .

" each stare catch my eyes , my cautious could't let u away even for once , as u becomes a part of my souls ."
oh , I just adore with this phrase, nice. haha :)

Paris Lipton said...

ouhhh ape itu poems? heeeeeeeeeee

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