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The Fly That Eats Human Flesh! [18+]

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Assalamualaikum friends, sorry for some inconveniences towards my posts because lately i'm using English.(dah la broken english plak tu. hampeh kempiss.. Haha ) Actually, this post is most related to my English project that will be presented on the next Tuesday. So, at this opportunity I would like to share some of its contents. The project is a speech about Botfly!!! such a funny name rite, but once infected it will cause detrimental effects on our bodies. This is a part of the speech. Enjoy! and if you found some grammatical errors on it, please inform me in STAT ( Short Term Around Time ) because I need to hand and present it in front of audiences on this Tuesday. The comments box is faithful waiting for your critics. heee~ ;)

On Pathogenesis of Dermatobia hominis Infection Towards Human

Has anyone ever heard on botfly? Maybe just few of us seem familiar with the name of botfly ritght? So, the purpose I am here as to clear up your mind about the botfly and its pathogenesis towards human (the step on how it infects human). Botfly is the only family of flies whose larvae live as obligate parasites within the bodies of mammals. There are 150 species of botfly known worldwide but the only species that selects human as it host to its larvae is Dermatobia hominis. It is endemic (widely spread) in Mexico and Central America but not in Asia. Some of us might feel relief but beware it is not possible to be spread in our country if sanitization and hygiene are poorly administered. As to make this discussion much hotter, let me share about its pathogenesis. There several step on how it infects the human according to it several stages.

The most significant stage to cause infection in human is its larvae stage. On this stage, botfly deposit eggs directly on a host or sometimes use an intermediate vector such as the common housefly, mosquitoes and even a species of tick. The larvae is carried in the form of eggs and sensitively react with optimum temperature, normally at human body temperature (37oC). There are approximately 30 eggs transferred to the body from the wings of female botfly. The eggs are usually located beneath the female wings.

The larvae from eggs hatch when it is stimulated by the warmth and proximity of a large mammal host. Then, when there is contact between botfly or vectors towards mammal’s skin, the larvae is dropped onto the skin and burrows underneath. Thus, the larvae initiate its development in the skin tissues. At initial, it will be positioned at the dermis layer of the skin but it will further digs into the tissues, till to the subcutaneous layer of skin where its growth is favorable.The early stage larvae is too small, so the hole it has made also too tiny to be seen. Only the signs of reddening (inflammation) and insignificant swelling might be seen in early infection.

During the development of the larvae, it feeds on tissue exudates and lives inside the host for approximately 12 weeks. Because of this continuous parasitism, the tissues take times to repair and the holes left unhealed might be affected by secondary infection (bacterial infection), thus increases the severity of infection . At this moment, the swelling and the hole is much intense and visible as the larvae increases in size. Frequently, the skin sites will be inflamed and will be associated with pus. After 12 weeks the mature larvae (is about 1 cm in long and 0.5 cm in thick) crawls out in a maggot form from host to ground, leaving deep wounds or holes on the skin. So this is how it causes pathogenesis in human.

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ya its gross! but that's why i was interested to share about. horror kan? huhuhu

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euwww~~ geliks..

Asma Ahmad said...

pnah tgk gak dulu..
besau gak ulat tuh..

gadisnikon said...

euwww..... btw great info smpai xsggp nk bc smpai hbs... :)

r-5 said...

Kajaharuna: geliks ke gediks.. hahaha

Asma: Tu la pasal besar giler datu. nak termuntah tengok. klu gorng pon sodap. kah3

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Geng Lepak said...

If this is oral presentation, then it would be okay (beware that oral presentation you dont have to prepare the text). However, if this is a writing paper, you need to revise your article again as it contains major grammatical errors. Sentence framing wouldn't be that serious in low paper presentation.

However, nice info.

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