Friday, 9 December 2011

What Does A Man Really Afraid Of??

On the last tuesday, when I was on my way home from faculty..since I was listening to the radio, I had heard something that was hardly tickled my heart and made me loathed a big laugh. The DJ of ERA ask a question, what does a man really afraid of? So, My mind started to wondering a thing that I am really afraid till I couldn't sleep a night. Suddenly, the DJ answered, men didn't afraid of a fierce wife because they might had three more quotas, nor afraid of lion in the jungle because most of them in the city but they afraid and worried for having a bloated stomach!! haha. The answer slapped on my own face. Yea! I wasn't thinking that was the answer but till today I am totally agreed with the statement. (worried about my belly too.. :p).

Normally this symptom might not affect individuals of my age but it is commonly seen in men after marriages and women after pregnancy. Hurmm.. but Nowadays, it is getting weird because people of all ages are started to be affected, since a specky boy in standard 3 have a waist size of mine? huyyoo. Isn't it unbelievable? Poor of nutritional diets and lack of healthy lifestyle maybe the main causes of this right? Some say yes and some might say no. but normally yes lah.. haha. So today, I have some fast and effective ways to be shared with all of you on how to reduce the bloated belly.

Preferred food
*Whole wheat-bread (to replace rice we took daily)
*Fruits and salad ( preferred to eat before having a meal) 
*Dairy product, low fat milk(source of essential nutrients; rice not as main food)  
*Roasted beef or meat or steamed fish (less fat, steamed fish is advisable)
*All types of vegetables. ( oil free vegetables, steamed or half boiled )
* Plain water always the best choice. (Grease up your metabolism)
* Eat for at least 5 times a day with a small dishes of low carb 
in interval of 4 hours (boost up your metabolism)

Food to be avoided
*Reduce of taking rice and white bread (once a day) take wheat bread
*Reduce salt based seasoning 'ajinomoto' ( use pure table salt, at small quantity)
*High glucose and fructose drinks (Evaporated milk F&N, Canned drinks, Carbonated drinks)
*Avoid fatty and oily food (fast food, when cook use corn oil or olive oil only; no cholesterol)
*Avoid to bite more than you chew. (chew your food till it is really fine then you may swallow)
*Avoid gassy food, hot and acidic food (gas accumulation in stomach)

( the most easiest step but always be neglected)
* Burn up double energies than only only having foods
* Walk for at least one hour a day (walk to offices by train or bus instead of using car) or
* Practice cardiovascular sports three times a week (jogging, swimming, and many more) or
* Or to have sexy abdomens here some exercise to can follow CLICK HERE!! 

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Alan Rizque said...

Funny answer but it is a truth..

shaerin said...

yeke ?
ttbe mcm xpercaya ~
never knew this fact .

bdw , yeah , nice tips =)
and yeah , exercise ~
ugh , susah gila oke .

r-5 said...

Alan Rizque: yup truth though its funny but i'm totally alert about it too.. huhu

shaerin: haha yup! market jatuh wooo klu lelaki perut buncit.. kikki.. *itu yang dirasa sbg seorang lelaki.. hehe

Original CikTeddy said...

i note ur advices ^^

Suraya Aris said...

alahai diet. seksanya nak slim!

r-5 said...

Original cik teddy: yup me too i take note on my advice too because i'm getting fat!!1 urgghhh..

Suraya Aris: huhu memang seksa actually mudah ja kena selalu exercise ja.. tu ja kunci kejayaann.. hehe.. :)

Anonymous said...

gemuk lepas kahwin tanda bahagia kan?

r-5 said...

Chemay: hehe betol jugak tu~! :p

Iffah Afeefah said...

haha sile kuruskan badan eh perut


∫êℳå ℋiℳå₩åℛï said...

perut buncit tandanya kita bagi makan kt laki kita..

r-5 said...

iffah Afeefah: haha alamak terasa saya.. kikikiki..

ema himawari: hahaha ye ke? so nampak sangat lah pompuan suka laki perut buncit eh? haha

Alieza Dayasari said...

lama menanti r-5 berkunjung..
hehehe... jap g saya emelkan ya...

ohh begitu caranya nak buat iklan nuffnang tu..
saya try dah cara2 yg ditunjukkan di beberapa blog.. tp tak dpt..
insyaallah cara awak ni berjaya...

r-5 said...

Alieza Dayasari: hehehe baiklha terima kasih~!! :)

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