Monday, 6 January 2014

Spectacles is Fishing Nerd!

 Sam sparks: which one is better? Nerd or Hot?

Assalamualaikum and good days, hmmm actually I shouldn't blogging today because tomorrow I've to face the WAR! Scary huh? What WAR? Is it for Palestine or Egypt? Perhaps.. I've guts.. but it is just a small war to be faced by a student. An Exam! Okayhhh.. not a big deal, though there are tones of theories and principles to be memorized.. Like the '3 Idiots' say.. "All is well".. which means sometimes, you have to lie your heart that everything is gonna be alright, so that the nerves cannot dominate you.. Nice right?

Lol, but the topic today isn't about the exam but it is akin of related to it, which is NERDDD.. Whoaa~ Scary? LOL..  People are too afraid to be labelled as NERDDD.. though the word cannot curse them to death. Butt.. oooppss.. but.. sometimes to be labelled as NERDY, can haunt somebody throughout his or her life. Okay to be clear, what is nerd? A guy or a girl wearing a spectacles, without hairstyle, holding many books.. n blaa blaa blaa.. 

Nobody can explained the correct terms of being NERD.. So it is just a blind perception by others and people have their rights to be what they want, unless it is something out of our rational mind. To see a girl with spectacles is such a stunning moment in my life because from my sight they are pretty enough. Besides, all girls already got their natural beauty without make ups. Just with a spectacles as an accessory, a little bit of face foundation and lip balm, give them an awesome looks! Lastly, lets the quote speaks "Simple is modesty and Modesty is a crown of beauty".. *Winking

Seriously I like to see girls with spectacles. They look simple and cute aite?? Hahaha.
Btw it is much better if they were with scarf.. :)

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