Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Quit is for Coward. Reboot and Build From Scratch!

CTRL-ALT-DELETE, "Reboot and start from scratch"

Assalamualaikum and good days everyone. Wow it's like waking up after having a long sleep.. Whoaaa.. *big yawn everybaddeehh.. Hmmm "sleeping beauty"? oppps courseee not.. I mean "sleeping beast" okay.. because I'm not that pretty to be classified as beauty. Haha. Handsome? naaahh.. Maybe "Manis"? I think? Haha.. like the saying goes "Hitam-hitam si tampuk manggis, makin hitam makin manis" *vomit. For those do not understand that saying.. please google translate it Malay-English.. Its free okay.. *rolling eyes.. 

Okay done with kicap kipas udang tagline.. Lets get into the topic. Some people might feel familiar with this idiom or proverb "To build from scratch".. But for a legit Malay like me it is such a new thing. From what i've known from my upper form teacher.. it means "to start a new thing or restart something from the beginning".. *Please correct me if  I was wrong about the meaning.

Life is like a wheel, sometimes we up and sometimes we down.. There are a lot of people who are happy to see we down and  only a few of people maybe one, two or less than ten.. who are with us when we are down or having harsh time in our life.. they are most likely to be our family or our true friend. Vice verse, there are many of people around us, who are in grief, unsatisfied or sigh when we succeed and only few of them who are truly happy with running tears when we become successful.. Who are there ? Of course our family. *Sooooo? What's the point brooo? 

Rethink. Our life isn't always bright as sunshine, sometimes its raining, sometimes its dark and sometimes its like a chipsmore or magic tricks, "now you see, then the next time you don't.. Full of mysteries and unexpected events. So what to do is always to be prepared. Everyday, we are facing the unexpected events, because of our limited capabilities on expecting the future, whether it is as the same as our expectation like something we like or don't.

The problem is when the unexpected event is something that we don't want it to be happened, something we hate, something we feel disastrous or something out of our plan. For example, we failed after fighting so hard in doing things we love. Business? Love? Profession? Study? This incident gives a great sadness and deep wound in our heart and in some cases it might cause phobia. In that time, to QUIT is something rational in our head because we have known its risks. For me it's not the best idea.

If we are doing something good or the things we love, to quit after failing is the weakest thought of the day because that is not the way dealing with life. If we quit, we are just running from a problem, a problem keep on haunting us until we solve it. Every time we failed, we got an advantage because we were already exposed to the risk and the fright of failing. In my 2 cents opinion, we just to "build it from scratch" again by analyzing and minimizing the risks, reorganizing plan, do some improvement on our weaknesses and search and fully utilized our strengths. Always act like you never experience the failing incident and try to achieve your goal as best as you can like your first attempt.

Last but not least. If we wanted to be successful, do everything you feel "rationally" good, keep a good relationship with your rigid supporters.. your family and best friends.. and for most Allah.. The mastermind behind every incidents. :) There are always chances as long as we alive. Gambatteee! Start everyday in our life, with new fresh spirits!

This is an open discussion i'm not saying that i'm right, this is just a snippet of my heart and brain. 
Please comments so that i know where is my mistake. :)

Enjoy this song! Okay this is not an adult or 18 SX commercial!
To be more exciting, If you have time do translate the lyrics in your mother's language. 
I like the lyrics and music so much, but not the clip! Though it is akin funny. :P
This song is for my chammak chalo too. Haha

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