Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Poem: Sofea

Cute huh? but this is not her okay? haha

I'm stunned the first time i heard,
The name that gave me idea,
Never, i can't get her near,
Because my heart is double fear,
Perhaps i send her a bouquet of flower,

It seems too hamburg,

Just heard the name some quite times,
It stays my mind all the times,
Though i couldn't have her of mine,
It will always be in my mind.

Pelakar bisikan hati

*this poem i dedicated to a girl named sofea because she's so attractive,
Hmm i just met her during my driving school session. 
But no gossip here i'm not going to fall in love with her!
Seriously! that's all. haha

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Aisha Ardini said...

nice. truly love this one :)

r-5 said...

Thanks! ;)

Alieza Dayasari said...

Awak juga berbakat berkarya dlm BI...
belajar or kerja?
stay mana?

r-5 said...

Alieza Dayasari: saya belajar lagi di uitm puncak alam.. hehe.. rumah asal kat kajang. :)

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